What you need to know

Since sleep impacts every area of your life—from your energy levels to your appetite, and your daily interactions with others—BAE Systems has teamed up with experts from Sleepio to help you evaluate and improve your sleep. Sleepio is available to BAE Systems employees and their spouses who are enrolled in a national Cigna medical plan.

Take two minutes for a better night’s sleep

Your sleep needs are unique to you—and not everyone needs eight hours to feel well-rested. Let Sleepio help you understand your sleep needs and get a better night’s rest—for free.

Take a quick test to discover your Sleep Score and receive:

  • A personalized sleep report 
  • A series of expert sleep guides delivered straight to your inbox
  • The chance to sign up for Sleepio’s clinically proven sleep improvement program at no cost to you

Ready to get started? Find more information on this program (must be on BAE Systems network). Looking for tips to help you now? View these tips and tricks to help improve your sleep.

To deliver your Sleep Score and sleep improvement program, Sleepio will ask questions about your health. Sleepio will maintain the confidentiality of your information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.