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The Wellness Incentive Program encourages you to take care of yourself and earn incentive dollars while you do it. You’ll learn more about your health, stay on top of annual physical exams, and address health risk factors that need to be improved. You’ll earn incentive dollars for each step you take—and your covered spouse will, too.

How to earn incentives: Health Plus and Core Plus Plans

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How it works

How to earn incentives: Traditional Health Plan

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How it works

Deadlines to keep in mind

In order to receive wellness incentives in your Health Savings Account (HSA) for 2020, incentives must be processed by Cigna no later than the end of November 2020.

Keep in mind, it may take 3 to 4 weeks for Cigna to process your incentives, so the earlier you complete and submit your wellness incentives, the better.

Incentives not processed before the deadline will be credited toward your 2021 HSA (this is a change from our current practice). This will ensure we report accurate information on your W-2. Incentives under the Health Plus plan Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) can continue to be earned through the end of the year.

More about wellness activities

Cigna Personal Health Assessment. Take a short online assessment, and get your Wellness Score that compares your results to other people in your age group and suggests ways to improve your score. Visit myCigna.com (From BAE Systems Network) | (Log In).

Cigna online coaching modules. Get online coaching on a range of subjects, including nutrition, exercise, maintaining balance, controlling asthma, managing diabetes, and quitting tobacco. Visit myCigna.com (From BAE Systems Network) | (Log In).

Preventive cancer screening. Get paid for having a procedure that could save your life, including a colonoscopy, mammogram, cervical cancer screening, or prostate screening, covered at 100% with no deductible.

Vision exam. If you are enrolled in a VSP vision plan and get an annual vision exam, you will automatically* receive incentive dollars.

Get a dental exam and oral health risk assessment. If you are enrolled in Delta Dental, you will automatically* earn incentive dollars for getting an oral exam and completing an oral health risk assessment.

Taking the Delta Dental of Virginia LifeSmile Assessment

Cigna apps and activities. Get connected, have fun, and earn awards by linking your fitness tracker or smartphone on myCigna.com (From BAE Systems Network) | (Log In). Get personalized recommendations, track your progress, and have fun challenging others.

Get a second opinion on musculoskeletal conditions (those related to the hip, joints, shoulder, knee, and neck) through Advance Medical. Because musculoskeletal conditions are a large source of benefit costs, you can automatically* earn incentive dollars for seeking treatment support information on one of these conditions—even if you don’t follow the advice. Visit Advance Medical or call 1-888-230-2442.

* No form required. Incentive awards may take several weeks to appear in your account.

Expecting? You can earn even more incentives

Get the support you need to stay healthy during and after pregnancy by participating in Cigna’s Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies® program. You can earn additional incentives above the maximum amounts. Sign up during the first trimester, graduate, and earn $400 in the Health Plus plan or $200 in Core Plus or Traditional Health. Sign up in the second trimester, graduate, and earn $200 in Health Plus or $100 in Core Plus or Traditional Health.

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Wellness Incentive Program tips

Don’t wait to get started on earning your incentives

It’s a good idea to build up your account, so funds are there when you need medical care and prescription drugs in 2020. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Now's the time to earn your 2020 incentives!
  • BAE Systems medical plans cover an annual physical exam each calendar year. You don’t have to wait a full 12 months between exams.
  • Complete a biometric screening.
  • Complete your Personal Health Assessment each year.

Monitoring your incentive progress

Want to know what incentives you have earned and what your next steps are to earn more? Go to myCigna.com (From BAE Systems Network) | (Log In), select the "My Health" tab and click on "Incentive Awards."

Some incentives take longer than others to process.

  • Wellness Screening Form processing can take up to two to three business days.
  • Cancer screening incentives can take up to 30 days from the date Cigna processes the claim.
  • Advance Medical, dental, and vision incentives can take up to three weeks.

Tips for submitting your Wellness Screening Form

Make sure your Wellness Screening Form has all four biometric measures filled out and that the form is signed by you and your doctor.

You can submit your completed Wellness Screening Form by fax, mail, or by uploading it on myCigna.com (From BAE Systems Network) | (Log In). Follow the "Submit Completed Forms Electronically" link located in the "Related Links" section on the Incentive Awards page. Submitting the form yourself may be faster and more efficient than asking your doctor’s office to do it.

Keep a copy of your completed Wellness Screening Form for your records.

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