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Annual Enrollment is October 13 – 27

We are excited to offer all new medical plans for 2022 to help you better balance your costs with the care you need. With all new plans, it’s even more important that you participate in Annual Enrollment this year. You need to actively enroll to choose the plan that best fits your needs for 2022.

Start a smart habit to actively review your medical coverage each year during Annual Enrollment, because no single plan can be the right one for everyone every year.

What's changing for 2022?

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Your 2022 medical plan options

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Savings and spending accounts

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Annual Enrollment webinars

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Your Annual Enrollment checklist

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October 13 – 27

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If you’re covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), your benefits may vary from what’s described here. Please refer to your 2022 Annual Enrollment worksheet and cover letter, which will be provided in early October.