Find out which medical plan you’re in and get the most from your benefits

Many of us wonder which medical plan we’re in but are afraid to ask. Here’s how you can easily discover the medical and dental plan coverage you elected for 2022, as well as ways to make sure all your BAE Systems benefits continue to support you in your current life phase.

Visit BenefitsNavigator

  1. First, visit BenefitsNavigator. If you’re already on the BAE Systems network, you can access it through the Benefits website using single sign-on. If you are outside the network, log on to BenefitsNavigator and enter your User ID and Password. If you’ve forgotten one or both, click “Forgot User ID or Password” and follow the instructions to reset your credentials so you can access the website.
  2. Once you’re on BenefitsNavigator, select Health & Insurance from the menu bar at the top of the page.
    website screenshot
  3. Under Coverage Details, click Your Current Coverage at the top to view the name of your medical plan, the type of coverage you have, and other information about the benefits you elected for 2022.

    Here’s an example of what you will see:website screenshot

The top 5 things to do on BenefitsNavigator

Once you’re on BenefitsNavigator, you can explore your personal benefits information and resources:

  1. The details of your medical, vision, and dental plans. Doing so will help you understand what’s covered so you can have a sense of what you’ll pay when you go for your check-ups.
  2. Your health savings account and/or 401(k). Remember, you can increase or decrease your contributions to these accounts at any time.
  3. Your beneficiary designations. This is important! If it’s been a while since you designated your beneficiaries, now is a great time to review your choices and update accordingly.
  4. Your Total Value Statement. This page shows your salary to-date as well as what you and the company both contribute to the annual cost of your benefits.
  5. The Financial Education Center, which is your resource for all things financial, from building a budget to how to weather turbulent markets. Check out the calculators, videos, and other resources to help you continue to make smart money moves in 2022.