Give your mental health some love

What you need to know

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you or a loved one are coping with stress and anxiety, feelings of isolation, or struggling to meet every day obligations, our benefits and resources can help. Learn more about our many mental and emotional health benefits and resources that can support you and your family.

If you broke your leg or sprained your wrist, would you see a doctor and work toward healing it? You most likely would, right? So why do we have such a hard time recognizing that we can treat and heal our mind when it feels broken?

For many, mental health isn’t the most approachable subject. But mental health struggles are more common than you might think, with one in five people coping with a mental health issue. Despite how common mental health conditions are, there’s still a lot of stigma associated with it, which makes it hard for people to reach out or seek treatment.

Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, there’s no better time to building understanding, reduce any remaining stigma, and create more conversation around mental health. Explore the mental and emotional health benefits and resources available to you and your family:

  • The Resilience Hub: Find tips and tricks to improve your overall well-being and locate advocates throughout the company who can provide confidential support to you or a colleague who may be struggling with a mental health issue.
  • The Cigna EAP: Confidential, no-cost one-on-one counseling and resources available free of charge to you and members of your household. You don’t have to be enrolled in a Cigna medical plan to use the EAP.
  • Free, text-based therapy: Talkspace, now part of the Cigna EAP, is included as part or all of your 8 free sessions per year per issue, and is available to members of your household ages 13 and up.
  • Cigna Wellness Webcasts: Free webinars, both live and on-demand, that cover a wide range of topics, including pandemic fatigue, mental health awareness, racial trauma, and holistic well-being tips.
  • Racial Trauma Resources: Acts of racial injustice can bring on many emotions. Cigna offers all employees free strategies for maintaining your well-being and resources to help you take action and build better understanding.
  • Resources for veterans and their families: Special programs designed for veterans and their family members, compliments of Cigna. No medical plan participation required.
  • Care concierge service: Cariloop connects you with a certified Care Coach who can help you locate the best care options for your family, whether they’re offered by BAE Systems or your local community.
  • Child and elder care, college coaching, and virtual tutoring services: Bright Horizons offers child care, elder care, college coaching, virtual tutoring, household services, and more.
  • Financial wellness webinars: Spanning topics ranging from beginning your savings journey to planning for retirement, these on-demand webinars can help you and your family take charge of your finances and prepare for the future.
  • Sleep management program: Sleepio is a free sleep management program, is available to BAE Systems employees and their spouses who are enrolled in a Cigna medical plan. Sleep or lack thereof plays a large role in our mental health. If you’re having trouble sleeping, take the free two-minute sleep test and enroll in the program. Plus, if you sign up and complete a session of Sleepio by June 30, you’ll be eligible to win a free Yeti mug.
  • Help quitting tobacco: The EX Program, developed in partnership with Mayo Clinic, is free to you and your spouse/domestic partner and offers quit solutions to help overcome the mental, physical, and social aspects of ending your relationship with tobacco.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness — it’s often the strongest thing you can do. Support is available around the clock, no matter where you are. If you or someone you know is in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255