Milk Stork

What you need to know

Milk Stork makes it easy to manage the logistical challenges that come with breastfeeding and traveling, and it’s provided at no cost for BAE Systems employees while on business travel. The service provides no-fuss, refrigerated, express shipping or easy toting of breast milk to your baby.

Milk Stork is the first-ever breast milk shipping company that is easing the load for hard working parents. Pump, pack, ship or tote and get your breast milk where it needs to go. BAE Systems is offering Milk Stork as a benefit at no cost to our employees who are on either domestic or international business travel. The Milk Stork benefit can also be used to transport breast milk for those that have adopted or used a surrogate.

To learn more about how Milk Stork works, check out this video

How to use Milk Stork:

  1. Plan your business trip.
  2. Order Milk Stork kits as needed by visiting the Milk Stork website. You must use your BAE Systems company email to register for the site.
  3. The Milk Stork kit will be waiting at your hotel when you arrive. It has everything you need to store and/or ship your breast milk, including a pharmaceutical-grade cooler and storage bags.
  4. Pump throughout your trip. The Pump & Ship options provide at least 72 hours of refrigeration from activation. The Pump & Tote options provide up to 60 hours of refrigeration from activation. The Pump and Check option enables parents to check their breast milk as luggage when traveling for up to 90 hours. If you freeze your milk, there are alternative options also available.
  5. Either ship the milk home as needed, Monday through Saturday via FedEx Priority Overnight (shipping labels included), or bring it home with you.