Confide Behavioral Health/Employee Assistance Program

What you need to know

You and members of your household are automatically enrolled in our free Employee Assistance Program (EAP) called Confide Behavioral Health Navigator℠/EAP. Confide is available 24/7/365 to make sure you and your household members get the appropriate support. Whether it’s finding a therapist, connecting with a financial consultant or locating a daycare that works for your family’s schedule, Confide is with you every step of the way.

About Confide Behavioral Health Navigator/EAP

You and members of your household have access to our confidential, free EAP with concierge support for finding and scheduling in-network mental health provider appointments. Plus, there are apps and tools to help you reduce stress and build resilience, along with self-guided programs featuring online support groups. Here are the services available through Confide/EAP:

Emotional Health Financial and Legal Assistance
Substance abuse Budgeting
Anxiety and depression Identity theft
Stress management Debt consultations
Eating disorders Retirement planning
Autism seminars Estate planning
Therapist Child support and custody
Marriage / relationship issues Divorce
Home Life Referrals Job and Career Support
Child or elder care Work-related stress management
Pet care Time management
Home repairs Workplace change
Relocation Career growth
Back to school resources Career transition

Explore what Confide/EAP has to offer

Read the guide and connect with a behavioral health advocate today.

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How it works

Registration is required prior to using the EAP services. If you already registered for the EAP in the past, you do not need to register again. If you haven’t, visit to register and use Employer ID baesystems. Confide/EAP’s dedicated team of advocates are available 24/7 for assistance. When ready to use EAP services, here’s how it works:

  1. Call Confide/EAP at 1-800-591-9339 to get help for a specific concern.
  2. Connect with a behavioral health specialist for a confidential discussion over the phone, virtually, or in person. Your behavioral health specialist will help you find an in-network, licensed provider with available appointments, and guide you toward additional programs and services that meet your needs.
  3. Receive a follow-up call from Confide/EAP within three business days. During this call, your Confide/EAP advocate will confirm that you were able to access necessary resources and/or schedule a therapy appointment.

Need to speak with someone about an urgent mental health issue? Your Confide/EAP advocate will help you connect with a therapist in as few as five business days. Call 1-800-591-9339 to connect today.

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Get self-guided digital support and resources

If you prefer to tackle behavioral health concerns or seek support independently, Confide/EAP offers:

  • The Happify app, which helps to build resilience, reduce stress and anxiety, develop mindfulness tactics, and gain confidence, all through science-based activities.
  • iPrevail, which is an online health and wellness program that connects you with confidential support groups and self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy to manage issues like depression and anxiety.

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Addressing current events

Current events can cause feelings of stress and anxiety that can impact your physical and mental health, making day-to-day life more difficult. While feelings of anxiety are normal, they can make day-to-day life more difficult. Uncertainty about what lies ahead and the need to adapt to new and, for some, unprecedented circumstances can deepen our worries. Confide/EAP is offering several on-demand webcasts that address the impact of these challenges. These one-hour webcasts offer strategies for managing stressful thoughts and emotions. Access these webcasts through the Cigna EAP Wellness Webcast Portal.

Disaster Resource Center

Floods, hurricanes, fires. Natural disasters seem to be more intense and more frequent. Learn how you can prepare and cope when the unexpected occurs.

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