April is National Autism Awareness Month

At BAE Systems, we celebrate diversity, equality, and inclusion in our workplaces and communities. In recognition of National Autism Awareness Month in April, we’d like to lend our voice and provide support to employees and their families who are impacted by autism.

By connecting you with valuable resources, we hope to foster a better understanding about autism and develop a more inclusive community that values the talents of those coping with it and the challenges it brings. All with the goal of helping employees and their families lead happier, healthier, and safer lives.

Autism resources you can access anytime

Regardless of your medical plan, Cigna offers expert advice and information on common issues and concerns faced by parents and caregivers of children with autism. Visit cigna.com and type “autism” into the search bar to access:

  • General information about the autism spectrum disorder, including symptoms, exams and tests, and types of treatment.
  • Free seminars to learn more about autism and receive expert advice on how to handle daily challenges. These seminars are available live and on demand.
  • Information on ABA therapy.
  • Tips for understanding and navigating an autism diagnosis.

Resources for Cigna medical plan members

Your Cigna medical plan covers certain autism treatments and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Plus, you and your covered dependents have access to Cigna’s Autism Specialty Care Management Team, which can help you:

  • Find resources and offer referrals in your area.
  • Search for health professionals within Cigna’s Autism Health Professional Network.
  • Provide helpful information about treatment options.
  • Learn about and make the most of your behavioral benefit plan.
  • Coordinate care between behavioral and medical benefits.

Three steps to get started

  1. Call Cigna at 1-800-530-1314.
  2. When you’re ready to engage with your autism spectrum disorder benefits, you’ll be assigned an Autism Care Manager by Cigna.
  3. Your Autism Care Manager will help you manage your case and answer your questions and concerns about benefits, treatments, and community support options.