Plan today to protect your family’s tomorrow

What you need to know

Life can change in an instant. Are you and your family prepared in the event that something happens to you? It can be an uncomfortable topic to consider, but learning about your life insurance options and choosing the plan(s) that work best for your family could be one of the most important decisions you can make.

How it works

With a lump-sum payout, life insurance can help provide income and financial support to help your family with:

  • Immediate costs for burials or funeral expenses
  • Ongoing bills for rent or mortgage, auto loans, and credit card debt
  • Future expenses such as tuition, medical care, and retirement

This year, we’ve partnered with The Hartford to make understanding your life insurance options easier. They’ve developed a microsite just for BAE Systems employees with information about your benefit options, as well as valuable services that are included with your coverage, like online will creation, travel assistance, and Beneficiary Assist®️ counseling services – all in one convenient location.

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