Travel assistance and identity theft protection

What you need to know

Travel plans that go awry. Someone pretending to be you. When you get hit with the unexpected, Hartford Group policy members have travel and identity theft assistance through International Medical Group (IMG) to guide you through it all.

How it works

If you’re traveling more than 100 miles from home for 90 days or less, you have travel and identity theft assistance available—regardless if it’s for personal or business reasons. Plus, this coverage extends to your spouse or domestic partner and dependent children under age 26. 

As long as you contact IMG, you could be covered for services of up to $1 million combined single limit per person. Travel assistance begins before you embark, with pre-trip information, and continues throughout your trip. Services include:

Pre-trip information

  • Lost luggage
  • Visa and passport requirements
  • Inoculation and immunization requirements
  • Foreign exchange rates
  • Embassy and consular referrals

Emergency medical assistance

  • Medical referrals, monitoring, and evacuation
  • Repatriation
  • Traveling companion assistance
  • Dependent children assistance
  • Visit by a family member or friend
  • Emergency medical payments
  • Return of mortal remains

Emergency personal services

  • Medication and eyeglass prescription assistance
  • Emergency travel arrangements
  • Emergency cash
  • Locating lost items
  • Bail advancement

Identity theft assistance

  • Prevention and detection services
  • Resolution guidance and assistance
  • Personal services, including translation and emergency cash advance

Get assistance now

  1. Call 1 800 243 6108 (Collect: +1 202 828 5885) or email
  2. Have handy:
    • Your employer’s name
    • A phone number where you can be reached
    • The nature of your problem
    • Travel Assistance identification number and your company policy number (obtained through the Resource Center)

Have a serious medical emergency? Call the local 911. Then contact IMG to alert them to your situation.