Your Total Rewards

What you need to know

Your Total Rewards is a comprehensive, personalized, and secure website that shows the value of your total compensation and benefits package at BAE Systems. Your Total Rewards highlights the value of the BAE Systems investment in you, which extends far beyond a paycheck.

Access Your Total Rewards

Visit BenefitsNavigator, and click on the Your Total Rewards tile.

Your Total Rewards is divided into four sections, and you can access each section by selecting the corresponding tab near the top of the page: Compensation, Retirement, Health & Welfare, and Other Rewards. This information is updated daily unless noted otherwise.


Shows your financial earnings from BAE Systems that includes base pay and any other remuneration that you may receive. 


Shows the applicable retirement plans that apply to you, which may include pension, 401(k), and deferred compensation.

Health & Welfare

Shows your health, dental, vision, flexible spending account, life and accident insurance, and disability information, and reflects benefit elections for the current year. 

Other Rewards

Shows time off, family life, career, and voluntary benefits, including programs to help you balance work and home responsibilities. This information is updated quarterly.

Total Rewards

Your Total Rewards

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+1-718-354-1341 (outside the U.S.)