Kashable short-term loans

What you need to know

Kashable is a short-term loan program originally launched in 2019 that was designed to help employees pay their tuition expenses. Due to the disproportionate effect COVID has had on those experiencing financial challenges, BAE Systems is expanding the Kashable program to help employees with unexpected expenses or other short-term needs.

Who is eligible to use Kashable?

You are eligible for the Kashable program if you have at least six months of employment with BAE Systems. Applications are approved across a wide range of credit scores and income levels to ensure financial inclusion.

With Kashable loans you get:

  • Competitive, unsecured loans ranging from $250 to $20,000
  • Loan terms up to two years*
  • Individually underwritten loans, with a starting interest rate of 6%**
  • Loans that can be repaid early with no prepayment penalty
  • Loans that are automatically repaid through payroll deduction

Get started in three steps

  1. Visit Kashable to register and check your rate.
  2. Select your loan terms, and complete your application.
  3. Receive your funds via direct deposit the next business day.

* For example, a 12-month $3,500 loan with a 14.89% APR has 26 biweekly payments of $140.49 each. An 18-month $4,000 loan with an 18.28% APR has 38 biweekly payments of $115.60 each.

** Annual percentage rates (APR) range from 6% to 29.99%. To qualify for the lowest rate, applicant must have a responsible financial history.