What you need to know

Your mental health matters! Mental health impacts every aspect of our daily lives, and governs how we think, feel, act, handle stress, relate to others, and make decisions. If you or someone you care about is suffering, help is one text away, thanks to Talkspace.

Don’t wait to talk to a therapist

What if therapy could be as easy as texting a licensed, professional therapist? One who doesn’t require in-office visits and high fees for a 50-minute or hour visit? And not just any therapist, but a therapist you’ve carefully selected and vetted to ensure that they’re the best person for your specific needs.

Sound too good to be true? Not anymore, thanks to Talkspace, which provides you with an easy, convenient, and discreet therapy option.

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Your Talkspace benefit

Talkspace is available through the Confide Behavioral Health NavigatorSM/EAP. All BAE Systems employees and their household members have free access to Talkspace, a text and video-based therapy service that connects you to a dedicated, licensed therapist in your state whom you can privately text message or chat via live video anytime, anywhere.

Talkspace is FREE to all BAE Systems employees and their household members. You do NOT need to be enrolled in a Cigna medical plan to use this benefit.

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How Talkspace works with the Confide/EAP

Your Confide/EAP covers eight free sessions per issue, per calendar year — whether you access one of the Confide/EAP network counselors for in-person or virtual sessions, or use Talkspace.

  • If you use Talkspace for text messaging: One week of use equals one Confide/EAP session. You can send as many text, voice, and video messages as you’d like, and your therapist will see your messages and respond to you throughout the day.
  • If you’d prefer to connect with your therapist via scheduled video sessions: One video session equals one Confide/EAP session.

Need more than eight sessions for your specific issue? Your Talkspace therapist will assist you with a seamless transition to benefit coverage or the option to continue with them and pay out of pocket.

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Secure, confidential sessions

Your safety and privacy is our top priority. As a Talkspace user, you have a secure, private “room” available to you 24/7 where you can communicate with your therapist via text, video, or voice messages. All communications in your room are fully encrypted. Plus, if you’re using the Talkspace mobile app, you can set a unique passcode for added security.

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Start using Talkspace

All it takes is a confidential call to Cigna and then registering online. Visit to get started and then:

  1. Register under the Confide/EAP. In order to access Talkspace counseling sessions at no cost to you, you'll need to get an EAP Code from Cigna by calling 1 877 622 4327. Be sure to have your Cigna medical insurance card nearby. Not a Cigna medical plan member? You’ll need to give your date of birth so Cigna can confirm that you’re a BAE Systems employee.
  2. Once you’ve placed the call to get your EAP code, click “Get Started.”
  3. Answer questions to get matched with therapists whose specialties address your specific concerns.
  4. Review the list of matching therapists and select your therapist. If you don’t see a therapist who meets your needs, you can search again.
  5. Schedule a 10-minute introductory call with your chosen therapist or start exchanging unlimited messages (text, voice, and video) with your therapist. If you need to speak with someone before your scheduled introductory call, call Cigna at 1 800 591 9339 to speak to a licensed clinician for 20-30 minutes at no cost to you.
  6. Download the Talkspace app (App Store | Google Play) so you can message your therapist whenever you need assistance.

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Is your mental health impacting your daily life?

Talkspace has free, short online mental health tests that can help you determine if you should seek help from a licensed mental health professional.

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